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The Eva Fraser Facial Fitness Centre was opened in London in 1990, and is now based in Kensington.

All lessons take place in a peaceful, calm and friendly atmosphere, in a private room with your personal instructor. The Lifetime Course consists of a series of four lessons, each lasting one hour and thirty minutes. Alternatively, you may wish to book our Starter Lesson, which is the first lesson of our Lifetime Course and is a fantastic way to begin and get a feel for the programme.

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One-to-one tuition is a truly inspiring way to learn and hasten your progress, and on completion of the Lifetime Course you will have a personally tailored programme to maintain a fabulous face throughout your life.

For visitors to London, our Starter Lesson, lasting one hour and thirty minutes is a fantastic way to begin the programme. You may then wish to follow the remainder of the course using our DVD – Face to Face with Eva Fraser – which you can find in our Shop.

To book a lesson with Eva Fraser at our Centre, please email us or call us on +44 (0) 20 7937 6616.