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About Eva

Eva Fraser has inspired people all over the world to achieve a feeling of well being and confidence through her facial exercises and philosophy of life.

Muscles of the face can be re-trained like any other muscles to become firmer and strong again. To see the inevitable drooping of your facial contour is no fun, but with a little effort this gradual deterioration need not be. All muscles and that includes the muscles of the face, need to be worked in a structured way or they slacken – it’s as simple as that.

Look at the amazing improvement we see in toned up bodies. You can do the same for your face and at any age – even 20 years of age is not too soon to start. With the Eva Fraser Method you will improve the structure of your face and dramatically take years off your appearance.

About Eva

Facial Fitness

Eva Fraser’s unique and effective facial exercise programme has helped a wide variety of clients to visibly reduce the signs of ageing without the need for any surgical intervention…read more


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Like these happy clients, you too can achieve a feeling of well-being and confidence with Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness regime…read more


quotation-marksI should mention that I am 66 years old and last week I attended my husband’s medical practice dinner and ball. I was at the top table, and was wearing a black satin (very full) strapless gown. And I didn’t feel ashamed at doing it!

quotation-marksHaving been morbidly obese for several years I finally found an eating and exercise regime that worked for me.

quotation-marksI bought this for my girlfriend who say’s this: “I’d read about this book in a magazine whilst on holiday, and promptly forgot all about it when home. What a nice surprise when I discovered my boyfriend had ordered it!”