Eva Fraser

A chance meeting in Germany led Eva Fraser to discover and develop her Facial Fitness technique. At the time Eva was fifty years old and increasingly concerned about ageing. Meeting Madame Hoffman was to change all this.

Madame Hoffman had devised a method of exercising the facial muscles with the help of a doctor friend in the 1930’s. When Eva met her, Madame Hoffman was 76 years old and had retired. However, after much persuasion, she eventually gave Eva a lesson and subsequently went on to train her in London for the next year. She was the only person to be granted this privilege.

Following her training, Eva went on to further develop her own method which she now teaches at her Facial Fitness Centre in London, as well as training other practitioners to deliver her method globally. Over the years Eva has brought her methods into the public domain through numerous best selling books, videos and DVDs. The Facial Workout Book has now been translated into eight languages and has won Eva recognition and acclaim around the world.

Through Eva’s pioneering efforts, facial exercises are now established and approved by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and the medical profession in general. Naturally, Eva Fraser has become widely accepted internationally as the facial fitness expert. Explore how you can learn the Eva Fraser Facial Fitness Method here.

Eva Fraser - 2017