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A Natural Facelift

Facial-MusclesAgeing is not merely a skin problem. The skin is attached to the facial muscles, and consequently when the muscles become weak and less firm, eventually drooping and sagging, the attached skin also sags.

The only way to remedy this is to work these facial muscles in a structured way, improving and maintaining the muscle tone.

Practicing Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Method will give you a natural face lift, as well as the skills to maintain a fit face for your lifetime.

Look at this muscle diagram for a moment. There are about 57 muscles in the face and all of these muscles get longer as we age, until everything ends up in the neck area.

The muscles coloured pink are the upper cheek muscles. As they weaken and lengthen, the cheeks become flatter, nose to mouth lines appear, go into folds at the mouth corners and drop into jowls. Also as we age, the eyelid muscles droop and go into folds.

However help is at hand. When you work on these muscles, the eyes are bright and open, cheeks become plump again, the nose to mouth lines lessen, or even disappear altogether and the neck and jaw line becomes defined once more.So the good news is that it is possible to work all the muscle groups of the face for a younger, fitter appearance.

You can learn these amazing life skills through Personal Tuition with Eva at her Kensington Studio, or around the world with one of Eva’s Qualified Practitioners. Alternatively, to study these exercises in the comfort of your own home, download our guide to a fabulous face, Face to Face with Eva Fraser, here.

For more information, please do get in touch.

Facial Fitness

Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Method has been refined over three decades. It commences with basic exercises and progresses to advanced levels, which can only be achieved once your muscles have strengthened following mastering the basics programme.

Typically your muscles will be too weak in the beginning to start at the advanced level, so it is important that you follow the instructions carefully throughout your Facial Fitness Method, and progress from the basic to advanced exercises.

For an insight into lessons, let us look at the upper eyelid muscles. By doing these eyelid exercises regularly, you can expect to see improvements beyond what any eye cream can do.


  • Look straight ahead into the mirror throughout this exercise
  • Curve index fingers under eyebrows then raise your eyebrows and hold against the bone.
  • Close lids and stretch upper eyelids downwards in 5 small movements.
  • Hold for a count of six
  • Release the squeeze slowly in 3 counts.
  • Open lids, relax, breathe.
  • Repeat once more.

Choose a time when you are not tired and complete this exercise twice through, 4 times a week.

Results are different for everyone however, you will feel a strength in your facial muscles that you have not felt before. That melting wax feeling when you are tired will be gone – this can happen in the first few weeks. After this you should see an improvement in the contour of your face week by week. Over the next 4 -6 months you will see a marked improvement.

The secret: Like you would your body, exercise your face 4 times a week until you are satisfied with results, and then stick to a maintenance programme thereafter.