I am very happy about this technique. Anyone who is trying to achieve a long-term effect would be far wiser to spend their money on this then on electrical stimulation.
I have talked to clients who rave about this technique, swearing that it is the equivalent of a gentle face lift

Having been morbidly obese for several years I finally found an eating and exercise regime that worked for me. I came across this book while I was looking at exercise in general and thought I would give it a go as facial exercises are not generally covered in other programmes.

By the time I had worked my way through to doing the Basic Workout Plus exercises I discovered that my chin was no longer one continuous line down from my ear but had a rather delicate shape of it’s own! I don’t think this book is for everyone – some people will see and immediate effect, some may have to work through to the end of the programme and some won’t see any effect at all – but then we are all different. There is more to this book than just the facial workout, it covers nutrition, general flexibility exercises and massage.

Considering what you get for the price you pay this book is a worthwhile addition to your collection

I am a convert to the Facial workout and Evas book explains clearly what you need to do and the different stages and makes alot of sense, the exercises can be done anywhere and built into your daily routine. My friend recently met Eva Fraser at a Health Exhibition and said she looked amazing, and all down to keeping her face worked out.
This is a book that offers advice and facial exercises that really work. Tried and tested and results can be seen . The beauty advice is simple but sensible..no need to spend a fortune.

I first heard about Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness 18 years ago. I personally took the six class course from her studio in London. (I was 40 at the time). I did the exercises for a while, and then lost my exercise sheets, so I slacked off. A little over two years ago I bought her DVD and started again. I have been doing the exercises 5 times a week since, and my face looks great. All my friends have noticed a big difference, but two things happened recently, that really made me see that I looked different.
I saw an old boyfriend recently who said, “How do you look like that, have you had something done”? I was chatting with another girl (a stranger), and she said to me, “what, are you about 42 or 43”? (I’m 59). What’s not to love?

You must however be diligent and dedicated, because the movements are very precise. The DVD calls for 2 repetitions of each exercise. When I took the course in Eva’s studio, each exercise was done three times. Recently I uped it to 3 reps for each exercise.. and my face has improved even more.

If you are willing to spend 10-12 minutes 4 or 5 times a week.. you will be amazed!

I have been doing Eva Fraser facial exercises for almost 19 years and I think they are wonderful. For many years I used her video and then that stopped working and for a couple of years I switched to Joseph Corvo, but without video /dvd. They were good but my face just lacked something. Then I tracked down this DVD on amazon. It is different to the original video but I think this one is better. Granted, there are one or two bits in the dvd that probably should have been edited out so it could run more smoothly, but you can always fast forward those bits. I have seen an improvement in my face and the ‘the thing that was lacking’ no longer is. If you do these exercises on a regular basis they work. That’s it, they do work. Very highly recommended. Must go now, off to do them.

It’s great!, I’ve lost half a stone of my face, and my husband looks at me went making love now.
Love this dvd, Would recommend to anyone who has a fat face.

I bought this whilst recovering from a stroke it was recommended by a NHS physiotherapist I would recommend this book and DVD – I had difficult with the DVD and assume it was my DVD player as it worked on others the results are amazing not over night so be patient
Bought the dvd about 2 months ago and my daughter after 1 month told me the shape of my face was changing (for the better), I’m 64 and my once high cheek bones had long since disappeared, I can now see them again and my eyes are definately looking better. I totally agree that the dvd looks less than professional but as the exercises are so obviously working I’m not complaining. Have recommended it to my friends who have told me I look better without knowing about the dvd.
jane birkinI’m a regular at Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Centre in Kensington.
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